Paper & Pulp Mill Machinery Supplier
Who We Are?

Huatao Group, founded in 2008, is a specialist supplier of paper and pulp mill machinery with a long history of exporting paper making machines, paper pulp machines, corrugated cardboard production line and paper machine clothing (PMC), as well as spare parts for paper and board machines.

  • Since the day of our foundation, we have made a firm commitment to building "Huatao" as a reliable international brand standing out from the crowd.

  • Manufacturing

    As a reliable supplier of paper making machinery and paper machine clothing, Huatao is very focused on product quality and convinced that the quality is the key of company's longevity.

  • Our Equipment

    The manufacturing equipment used for the production of Huatao's paper mill machinery and paper machine clothing is largely imported from European qualified suppliers, such as Germany, Sweden, Norway and Austria, delivering optimal manufacturing capacities while ensuring high product quality.

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  • 1000+ Customers